Frequently Asked Questions:

Can the Canteen purify non-potable water, that is, water that does not come from a clean water source, such as water from lakes, rivers or streams?

NO! The Old Faithful Geyser Water Canteen does not raise the water temperature high enough to destroy microorganisms. Use only clean potable water in the Inner Cooking Pot of the Geyser. You can, however, use non-potable water to activate the heating pack in the Outer Cooking Pot.

Can I make coffee directly in the Water Canteen?

The Old Faithful Water Canteen is designed to heat water only. The water will be about 150°F. This is hot enough to make tea, instant hot chocolate, or instant coffee, but if you make these drinks directly in the Canteen, it will be difficult to clean, is likely to stain, and especially for coffee, may retain a coffee taste. We recommend making your beverages in a separate cup.

Can I make pasta in the Geyser?

Yes, you can, but be sure to use robust pasta shapes such as rotini, macaroni or penne, not spaghetti type pasta. See our recipe eBook for some examples of successful recipes that include pasta.

Can I use the Canteen water to make a freeze-dried meal?

The Old Faithful Geyser Water Canteen makes 1.2 liters (40 oz.) of 150°F water. This is hot enough to prepare a freeze-dried camping meal but it will take longer than using boiling water. Be sure NOT to use the waste water from the steaming process or any water from the Outer Cooking Pot.

What is in the Heating Packs?

The Old Faithful Heating Packs contain charcoal, calcium oxide, aluminum and other substances in a proprietary mixture that causes an exothermic (heat producing) reaction in contact with water. The Heating Pack must stay inside its sealed envelope until ready for use and the Heating Pack itself should not be cut or ripped.

I ran out of Heat Packs. Now what?

The Geyser is constructed from high quality 304 Stainless Steel. This means that you can use the Geyser just like a conventional cook set with some precautions (see below for tips on using the Geyser with a camp stove).

Can I use the Old Faithful Geyser on a camp stove?

The Geyser Outer Cooking Pot has a built-in steam relief valve. This means you can load the Inner Pot with food as you would normally, clamp the Outer Pot lid down and steam will be able to escape safely. Be sure to put a cup of water in the Outer Pot before inserting the Inner Pot containing your meal. Heat the Geyser on the stove until steam begins to shoot from the relief valve, then lower the heat to keep steam shooting out. Continue cooking for the same amount of time that you would if using the Heat Packs. The gentle steam heat of the Geyser means you don’t have to stir your meal to prevent burning. Do NOT allow the Geyser to boil dry!

Can I use the Inner Pot by itself on a camp stove?

We recommend NOT using the Inner Pot by itself on a camp stove. The Inner Pot doesn’t have a steam relief valve or a separate lifting handle. To maintain good safety standards and avoid burns, the Inner Pot should only be used with the Outer Pot.

Can I use the Old Faithful Geyser Water Canteen on a camp stove?

You can use the Water Canteen on a camp stove without the locking lid. The steam hose that attaches to the lid of the Water Canteen will be damaged if exposed to high heat from a stove.

Can I heat an MRE in the Geyser with a MRE ration heater?

The Geyser is ideal for heating military style Meals, Ready to Eat (MREs). Place the MRE in the Inner Pot with a little potable water to make a water bath. You can also empty the entree directly into the Inner Pot. Then use a military ration heater in place of the Old Faithful Heat Pack. NOTE: The military ration heater is much less powerful than the Old Faithful Heat Pack. A military ration heater pack will only last for 15 minutes and will heat the MRE but not the water in the Water Canteen. The Inner Pot will hold 2 MRE entrée packs. A single ration heater will heat 2 MREs to lukewarm temperature. You should use a genuine Old Faithful Heat Pack to get your meal really hot. One Old Faithful Heat Pack will heat 2 MREs piping hot and make hot water for beverages or clean up.

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