About Us

A Little About Us!

We are primarily a group of outdoor enthusiasts (although, to be honest, a couple of us could be characterized more as indoor enthusiasts learning to like the outdoors more 🙂). Nevertheless, what is common across all of us is the desire to experience new adventures and generally enjoy what life has to offer.

So we got excited by a new invention that solves the very real problem of how to cook real food away from home. Although we didn't invent the cooker ourselves, we are honored to have met the inventor and to help get the word out about this amazing cooking product.

By now we've used the Old Faithful Geyser flameless cooker ourselves many times and we’ve enjoyed creating, tasting, and perfecting the different recipes in our eBooks. We know that we have by no means maximized the cooker’s potential to make great meals anywhere. As we continue to experiment with new recipes, we hope that we can inspire you to try them, but also to create new recipes yourselves.

Here’s our challenge to you. If you create a meal in the Old Faithful Geyser cooker that you think tastes absolutely delicious, write down the recipe and share it! And we’ll promise to update the recipe eBook every so often so everyone can have a great set of recipes as a resource.

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