Thanksgiving Dinner in a Bucket



With Fall in full swing Spouter found a way to cook up some Thanksgiving comfort food in the Old Faithful Flameless Geyser. This is a one-pot wonder that will have you enjoying your own Fall Feast in a flash. Everything is ready is just 15 minutes. It uses a combination of easy to find fresh, dried, and canned ingredients. Pumpkin pie not included.



1 Can of cooked turkey or chicken

1 Box of Chicken “Stove Top Stuffing”

1 Carrot

1 Handful of dried cranberries (raisins can substitute)

1 Stalk celery

1 cup water


Some canned or freeze dried green peas

Some diced onions or onion powder

2 tbsp butter


Salt & Pepper



 Dice up the celery and carrot into small pieces.

Throw in the cranberries, butter (chopped into bits), and the spices.

Add the canned turkey or chicken (with the juice).

Add enough stuffing mix to fill out the pot.

Add the water.

Stir thoroughly.

Seal the inner pot and cook in the Geyser for 15 minutes.

Stir again.

 One box of stuffing mix should be enough for two meals so bring extra veggies and chicken.

 This is also a great candidate for the Ziplock Freezer Bag variation:


 Put all the ingredients in a one gallon Ziplock Freezer Bag. Seal the bag and put in the outer cooking pot with the heating pack. Cook the same as above.


Put all the ingredients in a one gallon Ziplock Freezer Bag. Add hot water from the Heating Canteen and seal the bag. Gently mash the bag to mix the hot water with everything. Wrap the bag in a towel and wait 10 minutes for everything to swell up.

 This is a good way to make a double portion of this quick tasty dish.

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