NEW PRODUCT! The Old Faithful Geyser MRE Meal Heater is here

Introducing: The Geyser Flameless MRE Meal Heater

Here at Old Faithful we are always looking for ways to meet people’s needs. So, we are excited to be bringing this new product to market.

 The Geyser Flameless MRE Meal Heater is the perfect way to heat 1 or 2 MRE meal entrees with powerful Geyser steam heat, no fire or flames. The Geyser MRE Heater is a huge improvement over old military MRE ration heaters. Each one time use Meal Heater weighs only 3 ounces, packs flat, and provides 40+ minutes of long lasting heat by adding only 6 ounces of water. This heater gets hotter and stays hot longer than military or FEMA units too.

The Geyser MRE Heater uses a genuine full size 80 gram Old Faithful™ Flameless Heating Pack. The outer pouch is an 8”x10” tough clear 3 mil pouch that is specially constructed to stand up to high temperatures.

Simply tear open the outer pouch and remove the Geyser Heating Pack. Open the Heating Pack Pouch and place the dry pack in the bottom of the clear outer pouch. Place 1 or 2 MRE entrees inside the outer pouch contacting the Heating Pack. Pour 6 ounces of water in the outer pouch to activate the Geyser Heating Pack. Zip seal the outer pouch and prop up the zip end. Steam will soon start to shoot out of the Meal Heater pouch vent hole. Your meals will be hot in 10-20 minutes.

If you wrap a towel or cozy around the heater your food will get hotter and stay hot longer.

This heater is perfect for areas where open flames are banned! The heating packs are totally inert and eco-friendly after use so just dispose of them in regular trash containers. Each set includes 10 individually packaged single use Geyser Flameless MRE Meal Heaters inside a heat resistant outer bag and are available now from

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