The Old Faithful Flameless Geyser Portable cooking system is the best way to prepare a hot meal in the outdoors without a fire. But, I’m going to show you a hack for using the Old Faithful Flameless Heater Pack without the Geyser Cooker.


  • Emergency kit inside your vehicle
  • Heat multiple MRE meals at one time
  • Stash it at work
  • Scout Troops on a budget
  • Traveling light
  • Bug Out Bag flameless cooking
  • Need to cook more than one dish
  • Just want to try flameless cooking before purchasing the Old Faithful Flameless Geyser


  1. 01 Old Faithful Flameless Heater Pack (10 pack for $15.99)
  2. 01 Plastic ammo can (Harbor Freight $4.99 on sale)
  3. 01 Collapsible one liter water bottle (Walmart $2.97 )
  4. MRE or Mountain House freeze dried meal

 TOTAL COST: $23.95 + food for 10 meals


  1. Remove 01 Old Faithful Flameless Heater Pack from its wrapper and put it in the bottom of the ammo can.
  2. Mountain House meal: Tear open the meal and pour in the amount of drinking water directly into the meal pouch. You won’t need to heat the water first, just dump it in the pouch. Seal the meal back up. Make sure you squish some air out of the bag before you seal it, there will be expansion and you don’t want it to pop open.
  3. MRE: You can heat up to 4 MRE meal entrees at one time. The sealed entrées will go into the ammo can with the Heater Pack.
  4. Put your Mountain House meal or MREs in the box on top of the Heater Pack.
  5. If you want hot water; put a partially full collapsible water bottle in the can with the food. 
  6. Arrange everything in the can on edge so the steam can circulate around it. Don’t cram the can full! Less food= hotter food temperature!
  7. Dump 6-12 ounces of water onto the Heater Pack to start the cooking process.
  8. Close the ammo can lid. You can punch a small hole in the can lid if you want to latch the lid. If not just flop the lid down loosely. CAUTION: Never activate a heater pack in a sealed container without a vent. Steam must have an escape.
  9. Put the ammo box aside. Steam will start to escape within 1 minute. CAUTION: The ammo can will get HOT!
  10. After 15 minutes everything in the can will be hot and ready.
  11. ENJOY!

Ok, so why did I just tell you that you don’t NEED the Old Faithful Flameless Geyser cooking system? Well, sometimes you don’t need the durability and versatility of the Geyser Cooker.

You can just pack an Old Faithful Flameless Heater Pack, Mountain House meal, bottle of water, spoon and napkins into a plastic ammo can and stash the whole thing in case you need a quick meal.

 Or you could fill the box with Heater Packs and keep a supply of MREs with it ready for heating. Don’t forget to include water and instant coffee!


  1. The ammo can cooker really won’t work well to cook raw food. Stick to Mountain House, MREs, or canned stuff. The quick recipes on our web site work great if you use a Ziplock Freezer Bag as a cooking pouch.
  2. A plastic ammo can won’t last longer than 10 Heater Packs. A metal can will last longer but the outside gets very hot so be careful.
  3. Heating food in contact with plastics can leach some stuff into your food. Cheap water bottles, bowls, or bags might be a problem.

 While the Old Faithful Flameless Geyser is the best product of it’s kind, sometimes our customers need options. Please write us with all the ways you have thought up to use the Geyser!

 We will be posting a video of using the Ammo Can Cooker on our YouTube Channel.


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