Cook Anywhere!

What is Old Faithful Geyser?

Old Faithful™ Geyser Flameless Cooker is a revolutionary new portable flameless
cooking system that can be used to cook anywhere, outdoors or indoors!

•  No Fire, No Electricity
•  Cook Real Food On the Go
•  Powerful Long-Duration Heating Pack
•  No Shooting Steam Or Odors
​•  Heat Water At the Same Time As Food
•  Never Burn Your Food
•  High Quality Construction
•  Eco-Friendly

No Open Flames:

Use inside a tent, car, or boat.

Cook Real Food:

Unlike other heaters, the Geyser can cook real food. Don’t be limited to just freeze-dried or dehydrated meals. Cook eggs. Cook soup or stews using poultry, meat or fish. Cook pasta, rice or fresh vegetables.
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Powerful Long-Duration Heating Pack:

A full 80 grams, the heating pack generates full cooking heat for 40 minutes and continues to generate warming heat for up to 2 hours. Uses only 6 – 7 oz. of water to activate.

No Shooting Steam Or Odors:

The Geyser’s unique steam recycling system keeps steam vapor and odors contained while cooking.

Heat Water At the Same Time As Food:

The recycled steam vapor is used to heat water for coffee, tea, hot chocolate or making a second freeze-dried/dehydrated meal.

Cook On The Go:

Start cooking while you’re still traveling and your food can be ready to eat when you arrive at your destination.

High Quality Construction:

The Outer & Inner Pots and Water Canteen are made of tough non-rusting 304-grade stainless steel. Nothing else touches your food or water. The steam venting hose is made of food grade silicone. No plastic. No BPA.


The heating pack is eco-friendly and can be disposed of with regular household trash.


The Geyser has dozens of practical uses, providing meal time convenience for work, for play, and for emergencies!

  • No Flame

  • Camping

  • Road trips

  • Hiking

  • Truck drivers

  • Emergencies

  • Fishing

  • Parks

  • Work Crews

  • Hunting